Home Purchase

In today’s ever changing landscape, the guidance of an experienced mortgage professional should always be top of mind.  I am here to walk through the home buying process with you, whether buying for the first time, purchasing a second home or investment property, or building your dream home.

There are a host of mortgage products available to you and I will help determine the best solution for your needs, negotiate the best terms.

Give me a call, let’s talk and start the pre-approval process.



Always best to shop the real estate market with confidence and knowing that financing is available for your new home purchase.  I can lock in interest rates for you for up to 120 days while you are shopping for a new home.  If interest rates drop during that time, your locked-in rate will also decrease and you will receive the lowest rate during the commitment period.

A mortgage pre-approval gives you security of rate protection and a competitive advantage against other home shoppers who may not have undergone the pre-approval process.


Self-Employed or Business for Self

Recent regulatory changes in the mortgage industry have impacted self-employed borrowers who rely heavily on tax efficiency while operating their business, this may affect your mortgage qualification.  I work with many industry lenders who understand the complexity of being business for self and look closely at tax documents, bank statements (for monthly cash flow) and upon analysis, have solutions for your mortgage needs.



Are you looking for additional funds?  The equity in your property may provide funds for an investment property purchase, consolidate higher interest debts (such as credit cards), assist with a child’s education, purchase a vacation home or even start your own business.  I can advise you on financing options tailored to your needs.


Renewal / Switch

If your existing mortgage is up for renewal, the best time to start inquiring about options is at 120 days prior to the existing mortgage maturity.  Give me a call, let’s present another option so you can compare to the offer from your existing mortgage lender and make the best decision you can.


You can always move to a new lender, there is always some room to negotiate, do not sign the existing lender’s renewal document until you have received a second opinion.